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A well-moderated migraine support group can be the mentor that keeps you moving forward on right paths, especially when chronic pain tries to hold us down. In the Migraine Relief Plan Facebook group, you’ll learn by asking questions and sharing experiences with the author, who is a certified wellness coach and others currently tracking their lifestyle and nutritional changes.

Do you need help finding the triggers behind your migraines and inflammation? Are you wondering if the Migraine Relief Plan right for you? Join the Migraine Relief Plan Facebook group today. It’s private and it’s FREE.

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My wife was dealing with migraines 3-4 days a week. In the past month, she has only had 4 bad migraine days.

Jason K.

I sent you an email this week and you wrote right back… You are passionate enough and care enough about all of us… this week you’re my bright spot.

Tracy S.

I quickly began to feel the results… The most surprising thing… I began at 200 lbs. and now weigh 142 lbs… Thank you.

Kerry J.

I can’t thank you enough for creating this plan… and creating this supportive community… Thank you for changing my life.

Violet M.

Relief, at long last. No sugar cravings (my achilles heel) or abdominal bloating, neck & shoulder pain, migraine, dizziness, irritability…

Stacey C.

Hello from Bulgaria. I have your book. Thank you for this great work. I’m starting your plan now.

C. Gaesa
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